I want you out of my head. I’m so sick of thinking about you while I probably never even cross your mind. I’m just over it. I’m over this shit feeling thinking about you gives me, i’m fucking done with it



Anonymous: I will eventually :)

Aww well, you know where to find me :) or where to find my message box I should say S: xD

Anonymous: Why wouldn't you think someone likes you ? You are so beautiful ! And it is me that likes you, your little secret admirer :3

Aw jeez 😭 you’re too kind anon. Honestly flattered :)
Awww my little admirer, 😜 come off anon

Anonymous: I know somebody who likes you but if I weren't so shy, I'd tell you who.

Wait whaaa? Someone actually likes me??? You must tell me 😩 if it’s not you who likes me, then why be shy? )x

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